Liberals offended over the fact that “Miss Scotland” contest only contains Scottish women, not African women… has “woke” gone full retard yet?

If you were to stage a beauty contest in a country where 96 percent of the population has white skin, would it surprise you if all of your contestants were Caucasian?

No, not if you’re a normal, rational human being who understands concepts like ‘the law of averages.’ 

But we live in a day and age when rationality is no longer as prevalent throughout Western society as it once was, say, the day after World War II, when the West beat back tyranny on both sides of the world and saved generations of people from miserable lives.

We also live in the age of social media, which has become little more than a sewer where unhinged, irrational people turn to unleash torrents of hate and venom and bile they would otherwise never have the gall or the guts to say in person.

Earlier this week some fool took to Twitter to complain that all of the female contestants in the “Miss Scotland” beauty pageant were white. 

“Delighted to see such a diverse lineup for miss scotland this year,” some triggered person named Iain Robertson tweeted along with a picture of the contestants. 

Oh, but then he clarified:

To be clear, this isn’t directed to the women in the image – they’ve not done anything wrong at all and I wish them all the best with Miss Scotland. Furthermore the hard work, especially for charity is admirable. It’s the governing body that needs to have a good think.

Needless to say — because it is Twitter — Robertson was savaged, though rightfully so this time.

Users posted pictures of contestants of the “Miss Botswana” contest, all of whom were black; same for “Miss Jamaica,” “Miss Ghana,” “Miss Zimbabwe,” “Miss Kenya,” and “Miss Nigeria” pageants as well.

Others pointed out that female contestants in Indian beauty pageants are Indian; Japanese in pageants held in Japan; ditto for China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea.

What is this guy’s problem?

In the U.S. where there truly is diversity of skin color, our beauty pageants very regularly feature women of varying ethnicities and skin color. And we expect to see that here because, again, we have a much more diverse population.

But Scotland? Ninety-six percent of people who live in Scotland are white so…no one should be surprised, much less triggered, by an all-white pageant contestant line-up. (Related: Corrupt Congress pushes “Equality Act” to force schools to allow male athletes on female sports teams.)

There’s something else, too, however, that is pervasive throughout Western liberalism: Why did this Robertson fella pick a white country to demonize? Why didn’t he complain about all-black contestants in mostly-black countries; all-Asian contestants in mostly Asian countries; Indian pageants featuring all Indian contestants?

The answer is obvious. On the Left, it’s become not just fashionable but required in order to prove you’re “woke” to criticize, demonize, and belittle whites, even though worldwide, Europe and North America — where the highest concentration of Caucasian people live — only accounts for about 19 percent of the world’s population.

Asia, by comparison, accounts for roughly 61 percent; and yet Robertson chose to single out Scotland, a white-dominated country, for derision and admonishment.

The American Left, including — incredibly — many whites, also demonize Caucasians, as if they “owe it” to them after so many years of having whites “oppress them.” And yet, in America, you can be any skin color at all and have the same opportunities to succeed, if you put in the work, get the education, and apply yourself.

Whatever this Iain Robertson’s problem is with an all-white Miss Scotland beauty pageant line-up is, it’s obvious that he’s much more interested in virtue signaling than he is in engaging in rational thought.

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