This $56,199 per year campus offers white students a safe space to feel guilty

Loyola University Chicago offers a campus club “for self-identified White students” to admit their own racist feelings and to complain about the racism they perceive around themselves.

(Article by Eric Owens from the

The segregated “affinity group,” called Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, allows all students “who self-identify as White” to talk about their “anger and confusion about institutional racism” and to confess “guilt and hope about internalized racism.” Members can also “examine what it means to be White” and “begin the journey of operating in solidarity with others and their privilege.”

Students interested in joining Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness can’t just decide to start showing up at meetings. No, no.

Like other white affinity groups in the United States — such as, say, the white supremacist organization American Vanguard — Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness is a closed group.

Members must undergo an application process and take part in half a dozen two-hour workshops on topics including white privilege, safe spaces and cycles of oppression, according to Campus Reform.

Because “White as a racial/ethnic category is difficult to define,” any students who “self-identify as White” appear to be able to apply. (RELATED: TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Are These Workshops From A Ku Klux Klan Rally Or The 2015 White Privilege Conference?)

“You may also identify as bi-racial and/or multi-racial, where you may come from a mixed-race, mixed-heritage family where some members identify as White.”

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