Shrieking Snowflakes: 25% of university students claim to have been “mentally traumatized” by the election of President Trump

When President Trump won the 2016 election, liberals everywhere lost their minds. Now, a new study from San Francisco State University indicates that a quarter of college students have been experiencing bouts of full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder, simply because Clinton didn’t win.

As sources note, the “study” is far from comprehensive: Just 769 students studying psychology at Arizona State University were selected for evaluation. Daily Mail reports that the students were surveyed around the time of President Trump’s inauguration, with some showing “stress scores on par with that of school shooting witnesses’ seven-month follow-ups.”

Overall, 25 percent of the students reported experiencing “clinically significant” amounts of stress, along with other symptoms of PTSD. The researchers used the “Impact of Event” scale to evaluate students. As Daily Wire explains, this scale is typically used to measure stress after a major tragedy or other type of traumatic event.

The study’s lead researcher, Melissa Hagan, said in a statement, “The scale is used to gauge the extent to which individuals have been impacted by an event in such a way that it might lead to diagnosable post-traumatic stress disorder.”

What we were interested in seeing was, did the election for some people constitute a traumatic experience? And we found that it did for 25 percent of young adults,” Hagan continued.

Victim identity feeds hysteria

Hagan went on to attribute the study’s results to the election’s “surprise” outcome and Donald Trump’s rhetoric. According to the data, students who were minorities, female, Democrat or non-Christian were more likely to exhibit high amounts of stress in response to the election results.

“Black and nonwhite Hispanic students scored higher on the assessment than their white classmates, for instance. Gender, political affiliation and religion all played even larger roles. Females scored about 45 percent higher than males on the assessment, and Democrats scored more than two and a half times higher than Republicans,” the study authors write.

Hagan fails to attribute any of this to the liberal media’s overt and persistent attacks on President Trump. Truly, is anyone surprised that liberal college students don’t like him? Given the kind of hateful, anti-Trump rhetoric that is being fed to students at school, in the press and across social media, it is easy to see why students from select populations feel they are being threatened: The media is literally telling them that they are at risk, so long as Trump is on office — nay, so long as conservatives in and of themselves exist.

Look no further that the explicit censorship of conservative thought across social media as proof of that: The youth of today are being taught that conservative values are “dangerous.” Whether that be at school, where conservative organizations are getting labeled as “hate groups,” or on social media platforms, which openly denigrate conservatives and ban them for simply existing in their left-wing “safe space.”

As Daily Wire contends, “Each simple policy change is often accompanied by concerns that President Donald Trump is going to ‘de-humanize’ segments of the population, strip women of rights, and institutionalize everyone he disagrees with.”

The “threat” of conservatism is a “trojan horse” of the authoritative, regressive Left, which is using fear-mongering and propaganda to ensnare voters.  The Left literally wants to scare people into submission. And if that’s how they want to win voters, you can bet that’s how they’d want to rule the country.

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