Health Ranger issues statement denouncing Jew haters and left-wing “Nazi” labels strewn by those who despise God and religious freedom

The murderous rampage that took place yesterday at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh is a sickening reminder of a festering cultural cancer in our modern society: The political Left’s continued tolerance of Jew bashing and Israel bashing. In an era when everybody knows it’s unacceptable to demonize people for being black, or gay, or female, it is somehow openly accepted (and even encouraged) by the left-learning tech giants to spew hatred toward Israel and people of Jewish faith.

Over the last few years, the God-hating Left has come to embrace Islam while demonizing Christians, Jews and anyone of Christian-related faith. This has translated into the tech giants censoring Christian voices while giving increased visibility to radical left-wing voices that dehumanize Christians and Jews. When I wonder where the Synagogue shooter got his social confirmation to believe that all Jews are somehow evil people — and when I ask what could drive a human being to scream something like, “All Jews must DIE!” — I cannot overlook the twisted policies of the Left-leaning tech giants (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube) which seem to celebrate antisemitism while blacklisting voices of both reason and faith.

Today I’m issuing a statement (see video below) that will no doubt get me branded a “Jew lover.” So be it. I love humanity, and I honor and admire those of Jewish faith who have contributed so much to our global community. I will also be branded a propagandist for Israel for merely saying that Israel has a right to exist. So be it. I cannot stand by and remain silent as completely innocent people of Jewish faith are being demonized, targeted and literally slaughtered in America (and around the world), all while the God-hating Left demands that all Jews be disarmed so that none of them might have to ability to defend themselves via the Second Amendment. (If there were ever a time to join Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, this is it.)

We’ve been down this road before in human history, and it is a road replete with human suffering, intense evil, orchestrated genocide and actual Nazis — not the pretend Nazi label that Leftists disingenuously attribute to Trump supporters.

If anyone in modern society is close to the ideology of Nazism, it’s the political Left in America today. “Nazi” stands for “National Socialism” (in German, of course). Adolf Hitler was the extreme expression of socialist philosophy, complete with his belief — now shared by Democrat activists across America — that all political enemies must be silenced, censored or eliminated. Hitler, just like the political Left, believed that “the ends justify the means.” He claimed that if only his regime murdered enough people, a global utopia would be unveiled, run by a master race of elitists who know what’s best for everyone. This is a near-perfect description of what the political Left in America believes today, and the fact that the dangerous, historically illiterate political Left labels conservatives “Nazis” only underscores their grotesque ignorance of the history of human struggle against tyranny and violence.

So I’m issuing a statement today, via the video below, that affirms my public support for people of Jewish faith as well as the right of Israel to exist as a nation and a culture. As I say in the video below, those who dehumanize and attack people for being Jewish are simply not welcomed at Natural News, or the hundreds of other websites we publish and produce. We are here to serve humanity with knowledge, wisdom, consciousness and health. We want no traffic, no revenues and no support from those individuals who seek violence against innocent people based on their religious affinity.

We support Christians, Jews, Mormons, Hindus, Catholics and yes, even those of Islamic faith when they practice peace and liberty. We acknowledge that the world would be a much better place if more people studied the moral codes espoused by religious faith. In truth, it is those who despise God — or who even practice Satanism — that are the real long-term threat against civility and peace for our world. Those who hate God tend to have no moral code at all, and since they do not believe in the immutability of the human soul, they believe there are no afterlife consequences for their actions. This is what leads many people to living lives of deception, violence and the exploitation of others for their own selfish gains.

I reject all those who follow such dangerous practices, and I embrace those who accept divinity, humility and morality into their lives. Whether taking this stance causes some people to stop visiting the hundreds of websites I publish is irrelevant to me. We stand on principle, not on convenience. We are not here to win a contest of web traffic… we are here to support divine souls in achieving expanded health, consciousness and truth.

Even if we are censored, slandered, lied about and abandoned by those who would spread hatred and violence, our mission of uplifting humanity through health, liberty and self-reliance is what really counts for the future of our world. I pursue this path willingly, consciously, and with full knowledge of the continued sacrifice necessary to speak out against popular hatred and the madness of crowds. And even, at the end of all this chaos, if I am left with no voice whatsoever, at least I will leave this world with my soul fully intact. And that matters more than the pointless opinions of those who spew hatred, division and obedience to authoritarianism.

Here’s my full explanation, via, the new home for free speech videos:


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