Rioters plan to wear hijabs so they can file hate crimes if touched

The far-Left anarchists who belong to the violent protest group Antifa are planning to adopt a new tactic members believe will enable them to use the legal system against anyone who fights back after they start trouble.

As reported by Prison Planet, Antifa rioters will begin wearing Muslim veils so that if any of them are “touched” by supporters of President Donald J. Trump, they will be able to file “hate crimes” charges.

According to a Facebook post noted by Prison Planet:

Dear Friends and resist(ers), today, tomorrow and always we must resist the fascist movement of Trump and his puppets! They are becoming more dangerous by the day. They are armed and they are not afraid of confrontation or intimidation. We need to become more organized. Everyone please buy a niqab and wear one when protesting. You cannot be touched! If any Trump puppet touches you, you can charge them with a hate crime! This is the only way we can take them down. Please also get the backing of your local Mosque if police come questioning your religion. They will always help you as long as it is to resist Satan Trump and his puppet demon followers…

The post also instructs members to “take up arms” by buying pepper spray or buy a BB gun and spray paint it black. Still, if any member is contacted physically by a Trump supporter, “make sure you tell police they grabbed your niqab so they can be charged with a hate crime.” (RELATED: Read Leftists Using “Violence As Self-Defense” Against Speech They Don’t Like, Reminiscent Of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.)

The poster, who is not positively identified, next makes a threat against the president and the first family.

“Once enough are gone we can finally take down their churches and make sure the Trump family is left for dead in the streets to rot and we finally can have the rightful person as president for ALL PEOPLE!” the post said.

Now mind you, it’s not up to individuals to “file hate crimes charges.” Police have to find probable cause to arrest someone for a hate crime and prosecutors have to decide whether or not to pursue such charges. And now that this ‘tactic’ has been exposed, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to claim you’ve been discriminated against.

There is also the fact that the Antifa movement is premised on violence; everywhere they show up they are committing acts of violence. Their entire purpose is to attend pro-Trump events just to disrupt them. So it’s going to be a little difficult for group members to show up to such events, pepper spray Trump supporters or shoot them with BB guns and then claim they’ve been wrongly persecuted for their “religion” after they initiated the altercation – which, of course, will be captured on many cell phones.

But this is also instructive, because it shows the depth of depravity inherent in this organization and those who belong to it. If there is any “hate” it is being demonstrated by Antifa members. They hate the fact that Trump is president; they hate his supporters; and they hate more than anything the fact that every day that goes by and he’s still in the White House, they have been unsuccessful in getting him removed.

That such a hate-filled group can even get away with claiming its members are the ones being wronged is only possible because the discredited establishment media gives legitimacy to them…because the media hates Trump too, as demonstrated most recently (again) here. (RELATED: Read More violence from the Left as Trump supporters beaten, bloodied at Berkeley.)

In fact, there was so much hate and violence directed at Trump and his supporters during the campaign, a federal judge has ruled that three people who were beaten up by anti-Trump demonstrators during a campaign event in July 2016 can move ahead with their lawsuit against the city.

It is getting to the point where Trump supporters – upon seeing episode after episode of violence directed at them simply for supporting a presidential candidate – are fed up with it and are not sitting back any longer. Antifa members appear to understand that, which is why they’re trying to manipulate the legal system into punishing Trump backers instead of focusing on the real troublemakers – them.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.



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