Dangerous leftists are preparing for an armed confrontation with Trump supporters

It turns out that many of the same liberals who were cheering on Barack Obama’s proposed gun control measures are now staunch Second Amendment advocates during the era of Donald Trump. How convenient.

The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club is a left-wing “militia” group that has as its main objective the harassment and intimidation of Trump supporters. They view President Trump as something of a fascist dictator who is hell-bent on seizing control of the entire country. In response, the John Brown Gun Club feel members as though it is up to them to rebel, resist and fight back against such a “tyrannical” regime, sort of like the rebels fighting the empire in Star Wars or Dumbledore’s Army fighting Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. (RELATED: Indoctrination camps: U.S. university now officially offering anti-Trump “resistance” training to students).

A video posted by the group on YouTube shows dozens of anti-Trump leftists practicing their aim at a gun range, while a rather annoying song plays in the background. “Well I’m gonna tell you fascists, you may be surprised, people in this world are beginning to organize,” the song goes. “You’re bound to lose, you fascists, bound to lose.”

Let’s take a brief moment to address the elephant in the room – if there were ever a war between liberals and conservatives in this country, conservatives would win with ease. It would be like an Olympic sprinter racing against a one-legged man in the fifty-meter dash. So while going to a gun range and claiming that you’re forming an anti-Trump army is all well and good, it’s not advisable that liberals in this country declare war against conservatives.

It’s important to note the overwhelming hypocrisy of the John Brown Gun Club’s resistance to the “tyranny” and “oppression” of President Trump. These same liberal democrats who now see themselves as the little guy that is being beaten into the dirt by the dictatorial reign of Donald Trump were absolutely silent for eight years while Barack Obama was busy dragging America towards an out of control authoritative state.

In direct violation of the separation of powers, Barack Obama constantly insisted on using his “phone and his pen” to get around congress and implement his radical agenda on his own. An example of this was Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which unilaterally granted temporary amnesty to America’s youngest illegal aliens. This was, without a doubt, a form of soft tyranny, and yet far left liberals like those in the John Brown Gun Club were nowhere to be found.

From the day Barack Obama first stepped foot in the Oval Office to the day he left, the staff of unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency were quite busy issuing tens of thousands of pages of regulations each year, affecting everything from coal mines to ponds on our backyards. All of these restrictions that came out of the EPA occurred under the leadership of Barack Obama, and without the consent of we the people. Were the leftists in the John Brown Gun Club opposed to this? Of course not.

And when Barack Obama made four appointments to the National Labor Relations Board in direct violation of the appointments clause in the United States Constitution, where was the outcry from these gun-wielding rebels? Was there any resistance whatsoever?

The sad, pathetic truth is that liberals are only interested in playing the role of the rebel when Republicans are in control. They really don’t mind tyranny as long as it’s their own people who are imposing it on the country. They are frauds, hypocrites and political hacks, and that is a reality that is going to become even more apparent the longer that Donald Trump remains president of the United States.




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