Sicko Left-wing Americans take to the Twitter sewer to mock Vanessa Trump after white powder letter scare

You may have noticed that I have a Twitter account, but you may also notice something else about it: I don’t use it much.

Outside of making a few comments and observations here and there, my Twitter account is primarily for the distribution of stories from The National Sentinel where I serve as editor-in-chief. For that reason alone, you might want to consider following me (shameless plug).

But the reason I don’t use Twitter for much else is because overall it is nothing more than a cultural sewer — a place for people to say things to each other mostly anonymously that they would never say to another person’s face (out of humility or, in most cases, fear of physical reprisals). It’s no wonder it’s the most popular social media site in the world that can’t seem to make any money.

Case in point: President Donald J. Trump’s daughter-in-law, Vanessa Trump, wife of his son Don Jr., had a scare earlier this week after some deranged Alt-Left sicko mailed her an envelope full of white powder. (Related: Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS all praise murderous North Korea and its slave state leaders.)

I reported earlier:

On Monday, officials said, Vanessa Trump was opening mail at her East 54th Street apartment in New York City when she found one of them laced with what has so far been reported as a “nonharmful white powder.”

As reported by a local NBC affiliate, the “unidentified powder” was determined not to be hazardous but was nonetheless sent in for additional laboratory analysis, according to a spokesman from the NYPD. 

“It’s not clear who sent the envelope, but it was postmarked from Boston, according to a senior law enforcement official,” the site noted further.

Trump, 40, opened the letter Monday morning. After discovering the powder, she reportedly became nauseated and began coughing, forcing her to call 911. Emergency personnel decontaminated her and, most likely her apartment, on the scene as a precaution.

Turns out everything was okay, but this wasn’t the first time the Trump family has been targeted like this. In March 2016 police and FBI agents opened an investigation after Don Jr.’s brother Eric received a letter that also contained a white powder that turned out to be harmless. Other envelopes containing white powder were also sent to Trump Tower, where the president had his campaign HQ, twice in 2016.

This is beyond sick — it’s threatening, and it’s wrong, and whoever is doing it should be found, arrested, and forced to explain just what is meant by the “symbolism” of sending white powder through the mail to the president’s family.

How does Twitter factor into this? As you already know, our president is a huge fan of Twitter, but he uses it to talk directly to the American people, without having his comments altered out of context by a disgustingly dishonest “mainstream media.” The president very often is the target of savage, cruel, unbelievably unhinged attacks on that social platform.

That might — might — be otherwise acceptable given our president’s often frank, coarse tone. But his daughter-in-law doesn’t deserve to be attacked or belittled for being threatened, and yet one liberal pinhead after another did so following reports of her mail incident.

As noted by The Gateway Pundit, one Huffington Post contributor suggested the white powder was cocaine, the implication being that Don Jr. and Vanessa — parents of five with a direct line to the White House — are coke heads (wasn’t it Obama who admitted to smoking dope?).

There are other ignorant, uncaring, and flat-out cynical responses and you can read them here, but the point remains the same: Twitter is a sewer, which is why it is a favorite attack tool of the Left because that’s where they live their lives.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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