The Liberal Bubble (hilarious new CounterThink cartoon – MUST SEE)

I’ve just finished another cartoon animation, and this one is the most hilarious you’ve seen yet. It’s called “The Liberal Bubble,” and it details the self-deluded echo chamber of “facts” that radical left-wing liberals are now trying to push on everyone. (If you enjoy this cartoon animation, see more at

Presented in a Beavis and Butthead style of juvenile humor, this video is fully downloadable from the video host so that you can grab the file and post it to your own YouTube account (or elsewhere). Just go straight to this video play page to download the file using the “Download” button.

I openly give you permission to post this video everywhere. And in case you’re curious, yes, I also did both of the voices in this animation.

Watch it and weep with laughter at the stupidity of libtard logic:

Here’s a screen shot from the video to tease what this is all about:



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