65-year-old woman criminally charged by Swedish officials for saying immigrants have lower IQs… is that a CRIME?

In Sweden, a 65-year-old woman has been criminally charged for “hate against a group of people” after taking to social media to argue that her country’s IQ levels will start to decline as more and more immigrants come into the country.

“If this continues, the intelligence in Sweden will be at goldfish level,” she wrote on a Facebook page called “Stop Abuse Power.” Notably, she also made several comments that were critical of Muslims.

As Chamber prosecutor Lisa Hedberg explained during an interview with Sverige Radio, the number of investigations into hate speech has been steadily on the rise ever since the “Network Examiner” has started to systematically search for and report controversial posts made on the Internet, particularly by older Swedes.

Now, this 65-year-old woman is being brought to the district court, where she stands trial for being suspected of perpetuating hate speech towards a particular group of people – in this case, immigrants. Despite these accusations, the woman is denying the crimes and fighting back. (Related: Politically correct language control is a danger to society that has led to the genocide of millions.)

But while the leftists in Sweden may have been triggered by this woman’s assertion that the massive influx of immigrants will lower the overall IQ of the country, is there any truth to it? According to a recent study that was conducted by intelligence researcher James Flynn, there might be.

As Sputnik News reports, since the mid-1990s, “Norway, Denmark and Finland have all experienced an average loss of 0.23 IQ points per year, which, although seemingly insignificant per se, nevertheless suggests a powerful long-term effect. Although Sweden lacks data for recent years, Flynn believes it is following its neighbors’ footsteps due to similar development patterns.”

In an interview with the Swedish magazine Forskning & Framsteg (“Research & Progress”), James Flynn said, “It is clear that all Scandinavian countries have had a declining trend since 1995. It seems that the factors that caused the IQ boost have lost the power.”

So this 65-year-old woman was correct in that the overall IQ of her country is likely beginning to decline, and in her opinion, this decline could be attributed to the influx of immigrants. Even if immigration had absolutely nothing to do with it, should she really be criminally charged for hate speech? Are legitimate opinions that are based on logic and reason now banned in Sweden, and if so, how can Sweden expect to debate ideas and progress as a nation?

Here in America, those on the political left are just as hostile – if not more hostile – to speech that they fundamentally disagree with. Just a few weeks ago, for instance, a religious studies major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania was banned from attending class for arguing that, contrary to the liberal narrative, there are only two genders.

“My professor is violating my First Amendment rights because of the fact that my views and ideology is different from hers,” the student, whose name is Lake Ingie, told Fox News. “So she took it on herself to silence and embarrass me – bully me – for speaking up in class.” (Related: 24 states are now pursuing free speech bills to protect conservative speakers from left wing bullies.)

This political correctness and the censorship of voices that don’t align with the progressive ideology is spreading like a plague not just throughout the United States, but across the globe. It really is a dark path that will inevitably continue to shrink the circle of liberty that exists around each and every one of us, unless of course we make a stand and break free from the ideological cage that the political left is trying to throw us in.

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