Conservatives on campus move one step closer to extinction as the intolerant Left drives them from the University of Denver

Older Americans — especially Leftists — are fond of remembering the turbulent 1960s as a period of cultural and social ‘revolution’ that involved “free speech movements” on college and university campuses.

And true to form, if you take a serious look at the period you can definitely find example after example of how college campuses were incubators of free and unconventional (for the time) thought.

Some people are trying to draw distinctions between what was happening in the 1960s on college and university campuses to what’s going on today. ‘Oh, back then things were different — everyone was all into free speech, but that’s not the case today!’

Actually, the mentality on campuses then is the same mentality on campuses today: The Left-wing mentality. What’s more, Leftists who took a blow torch to American cultural traditions and social norms 50 years ago were just as intolerant as today’s current crop of Marxist/Leftists on campus. And every bit as revolutionary.

The truth of the matter is, conservatives and conservative thought are both dying out at American institutes of higher learning. The ideological coup begun a half-century ago is paying dividends in spades today as conservative groups find themselves increasingly under assault by hard Left administrators who demand compliance with their Marxist groupthink. (Related: Campus “tolerance” on parade as WHITE or STRAIGHT students banned from LGBTQ “safe space”.)

Case in point: The harassment has become so pervasive at the University of Denver that conservative groups there are considering disbanding as members are being increasingly bullied (by a Left that claims to be against bullying).

As reported by The College Fix:

Members of two conservative groups at the University of Denver say their organizations are likely disbanding after investigations by the university and pervasive harassment by fellow students have made the campus a “toxic environment” for their groups.

The school’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom debated closing at the end of last year, with its members fearful that they would be unable to land jobs after being investigated for “hate speech” and labeled racists and white supremacists in, among other places, the school newspaper. The group remains on campus, but with severely reduced numbers.

The Federalist Society there, meanwhile, has dwindled to a single student, and is set to shut down at the end of the year when the last remaining member graduates. 

Fear of being labeled something they’re not — racists, bigots, homophobes, fascists — have kept students from joining the organizations, according to the report. 

As usual, the far-Left school administration is downplaying concerns and essentially lying about what’s really taking place. The website reported that, according to the university’s PR department, “both groups are still active on campus and have events coming up.” 

Right. One member is having an ‘event?’ Also, that’s the wrong answer anyway. The right answer should have been something along the lines of, ‘We are aware of the bullying problems and are preparing to deal with those who have been found guilty. We are an all-inclusive school that welcomes viewpoints from across the political spectrum.”

The College Fix added as well that students themselves are giving a different version of events than the school. They say the Leftist groupthink has permeated every aspect of campus life and, as usual, has become intolerant of anyone who disagrees.

One example involves author Ryan Anderson, who was invited to speak by the Federalist Society. His book, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” drew such ire from intolerant Leftist students they disrupted his speech, blocked his path as he tried to leave, accosted him and shouted obscenities.

There are others but this one is typical. 

In the age of Trump, the Left has decided — on their own, and against reality — that he’s not legitimate and so no one who supports him is legitimate or should be treated with respect. 

This intolerance of countermanding views will lead to factional violence at some point. Count on it.

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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