Huh? Court says retail bars can throw out Trump supporters, but Christian bakeries can’t refuse to decorate cakes with gay slogans?

A Jewish judge in Manhattan’s Supreme Court has officially ruled that kicking someone out of a retail establishment simply for holding conservative political views is completely acceptable practice in New York City.

Judge David Cohen stated in his ruling that there’s nothing “outrageous” about ejecting someone from a bar for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, which is exactly what happened to 31-year-old Greg Piatek, an accountant from Philadelphia.

Just days after Donald Trump was sworn in as president back in January 2017, Piatek decided to grab a drink with some friends at “The Happiest Hour” on West 10th Street in Manhattan’s West Village. It was here that he says he was treated poorly and ultimately kicked out of the bar for his support of President Trump.

According to Piatek’s lawyer, Elizabeth Conway, staff at The Happiest Hour refused to offer Piatek and his pals the same service as everyone else in the bar. When they vocalized their concerns, they were verbally abused before being escorted out of the drinking establishment.

“Anyone who supports Trump – or believes in what you believe – is not welcome here!” an employee at The Happiest Hour allegedly yelled at Piatek before forcing he and his friends to leave the premises.

“And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” the employee added.

Because supporting President Trump doesn’t specifically qualify as a protected status under New York City’s anti-discrimination laws, Judge Cohen ruled that there’s nothing to stop retail owners and staff from refusing service to such people.

Though Piatek’s lawyer tried to argue that her client’s wearing of the Make American Great Again hat represented a “spiritual” belief, as it coincided with his visit to the 9/11 memorial to pay tribute to the fallen victims of that terrorist attack, Judge Cohen refused to accept this rationale, insisting that it’s completely normal to discriminate against others in a retail setting simply on political grounds.

“How many members are in this spiritual program that your client is engaged in?” Judge Cohen reportedly asked Conway following her explanation that her client’s wearing of a Make America Great Again falls under freedom of religion.

“Your honor, we don’t allege the amount of individuals,” she responded.

“So, it’s a creed of one?” he retorted.

“Yes, your honor,” she answered back.

For consistency’s sake, all retail establishments should have the right to reserve service to anyone, for any reason

While a somewhat silly position to take, Piatek’s alleged “spiritual” motivation for wearing a Make American Great Again hat inside a New York City bar was clearly intended to prove a point. It also illustrates the extreme and ridiculous lengths that conservatives are now having to go to in defense of their own freedom of speech.

How is it that individuals like Piatek can be legally removed from retail food and drink establishments simply for supporting our nation’s president, but a cake baker can be forced to make pastries for homosexual marriages?

Constitutionally speaking, the courts can’t just pick and choose which free speech rights to protect based on subjective political leanings. If New York City bars can kick out Trump supporters for no reason other than they don’t like the president, then cake bakers can refuse to bake sweets for homosexuals based on their personal religious convictions.

In fact, based on this ruling by Judge Cohen, cake bakers should also be allowed to verbally assault and escort out of their establishments all homosexuals who even attempt to ask for wedding cakes. It’s only fair, right?

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