See the “tolerance” of the deranged Left on display as they chant “Nazi scum” in a public bar

Leftists used to insist they were the “tolerant” members of society. Now, they line up like robots to chant “Nazi scum get out!” at a gay conservative who dared to grab a pint at a public bar in New York City.

The lunatic Left has truly become a mob of mindless bigots who have no resemblance at all to the party of “tolerance” or “inclusiveness.” They are seething, hate-filled lunatics who can’t even cite logic-based reasons for their emotionally-charged, twisted beliefs.

In my latest Counterthink video, I reveal just how cruel, bigoted and hate-filled Leftists have now become. Even worse, they’re now becoming even more extreme as they move to the extreme left, spewing hatred and intolerance toward anyone who refuses to surrender to the mindless obedience demands of the lunatic Left. The way to defeat these DEMONcrats, by the way, is to vote against Democrats at every opportunity (and thereby prevent them from having any power whatsoever over your life).

Watch this video below, and read for more examples of how insane and deranged the Left has now become:

More free speech videos coming soon at, the new alternative to YouTube censorship. And yes, Milo is welcomed there.

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