Catholic leaders dump all over their own youth to appease the lunatic Left… the truth no longer matters to the Church

Not to be outdone by all the brain-dead celebrities and zombie media pundits spreading endless fake news, a slew of Catholic clergy from all across the country has reportedly come out, one after another in lockstep, to condemn the Covington Catholic High School boys who are being falsely accused of taunting a Native American elder during the recent “March for Life” event in Washington, D.C.

Despite the fact that the whole charade has now been proven to be yet more anti-white, anti-Trump drivel contrived by the mainstream media, religious leaders from the Catholic religion have proceeded to trash the innocent boys all over Twitter, bearing false witness against them in a desperate effort to appease rabid Leftists, many of whom are calling for the boys to be violently attacked and even murdered.

We now know that the Covington boys were the ones being harassed and verbally assaulted by a group of hate-filled black supremacists who describe themselves as “Black Hebrew Israelites,” when they were suddenly approached by Nathan Phillips, the Native American man whom the fake news media outlets are describing as a “war hero.” The Covington boys did not in any way threaten or intimidate Phillips, and had initially thought, as evidenced in longer video footage of the incident, that Phillips was there to chant along with them as a fellow supporter.

When it became evident that Phillips was there to intimidate and harass the Covington boys along with the black supremacists, that’s when Nick Sandmann, the boy whose face is being plastered all across the mainstream media, stared back at him nervously and resolutely – his facial expression also deliberately misconstrued by the fake news media as representing a taunt.

All of this is obvious simply from watching the full-length video footage of the incident, which the mainstream media conveniently failed to air. But this didn’t stop one Catholic leader after another from virtue signaling all over social media about how the Covington boys were somehow in the wrong simply for being present in front of the Lincoln Memorial while wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, which apparently triggered both the black supremacists and Phillips and his fellow Native American aggressors.

“Twelve years of Catholic school and this insults everything I was taught there,” tweeted Catholic virtue signaler and CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto, perpetuating the fake news myth that the Covington boys were guilty of something bad, when they were actually innocent. “I see the school and diocese have condemned the behavior. I hope the students apologize directly and publicly to this man.”

“Sisters of Mercy” in Silver Spring, Maryland, tweeted similar nonsense, describing the boys’ alleged behavior as “[r]acism and intolerance.” “The disturbing videos being shared of this incident showcase a bigoted disrespect of indigenous peoples and remind us how urgent our work for racial justice remains,” the same tweet added, followed by a link to the truncated fake news video that was initially being spread by the fake news media.

Catholic leaders demonstrate once again that they’re nothing more than virtue signaling frauds who can’t discern truth from lies

On and on the tweets came from Catholic leaders everywhere, as they shamelessly pandered to the fake Leftist narrative that the Covington boys were aggressors rather than victims. And even after it was irrefutable that they were innocent, based on lengthier footage of what actually took place, not a one of the Catholic leaders who tweeted against the boys made any attempt whatsoever to set the record straight.

In fact, when they were confronted with the fact that the fake news tweets remained, and no apology was given, all of the Catholic clergy whom The Daily Caller tried to contact refused to provide a statement – which only reiterates that many of those in charge of modern-day Catholicism have no regard for the truth, and couldn’t care less about doing the right thing, even when it unequivocally presents itself.

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